Car Whisper Auto has been providing professional car maintenance, fleet services, and auto repair services in and around New Bern, North Carolina for over 30 years.

Car Whisper Auto represents the finest in automotive detective work and repair. That shimmy in the front end that started for no reason, the whine in your engine when go over 40 MPH, the window that won’t stay up or go up are the types of challenges that our automotive technicians will diagnose and solve.

We test, not guess. We make sure we completely identify the problem before we apply our solution so that you can confidently drive a vehicle that is safe and running right.

We’re also your go to for regular maintenance on your car or truck to ensure that small things don’t become big problems and leave you stranded on the side of the road.

Best of all, we guarantee our work no matter the age of your vehicle or the size of the repair.


The first car I fixed was by accident. I was about 10 when my dad got me a remote controlled car. It was a pricey gift and I was grateful, but also intrigued about how it worked. I ran the thing around and had a great time with it, but finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to know how it worked. So I took it apart.

My dad wasn’t happy about it but all he said was, “Now, you have to put it back together.” I was lucky. Since Dad had a small engine repair and machine shop, I had access to the tools and his knowledge when I got stuck. I put the R/C car back together and it worked! I was hooked.

My first Craftsman tool set arrived when I was 12. I expanded it and used it to fix my first car and every car after it. Early on I understood the value of regular maintenance. I also learned to listen to my vehicles; to pay attention to how it drives, and how it responds so that I could fix a minor problem before it became a major inconvenience. I’ve been fixing cars for over 30 years.

At my shop, I want my customers to know that there is a process to car repair. The first step is a thorough diagnosis which means taking the time to assess and test, not guess, what is wrong with the vehicle. Then once the problem is properly revealed the right repairs can be done so that a safe and sound vehicle is returned to the road.

That’s my mission. To ensure that every vehicle we service is done right. We guarantee it.

– Jimmy Price


I was in New Bern when the Ford mini buss I was using gave out. These guys left me have a terminal out of a salvage car they had there and it got us back on the road.
Lavern Burkholder

I was referred here by my best friend and his family who swore by Jimmy and the work they do. I took my daughters car there for something I thought would be small to fix. Well after through inspection of the whole car, it was a small item that needed to be fixed and it was taken care of over the weekend. Great explanation of all work that needed to be done now and a few things recommended to fix in the future (w/prices attached). Overall just as good a mechanic shop as I had heard from everyone. Thanks guys, you have earned our business! Highly recommended!!
Fernando Cruz Jr

Need your car fixed? Go here. 45 minutes gets your car fixed up. There's also a lobby if your waiting.
Bricks and picks

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Great knowledgeable honest service.
David Melton

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Very pleased with the work they done on my jeep.would return.
Bill White

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Very friendly and knowledgeable shop! Definitely recommend coming here for some awesome service. They did some work for me on my 1940 pickup and they are the only shop I will let touch my vehicle.
Jude Rodrigue

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Jim's a nice enough guy , but misdiagnoses & errors w/ an install has had me back to his shop 4x for one repair. That repair still failed & was remedied in one stop @ another shop. Be alert people.
Charles M. Dietz Sr

Jimmy and his team fixed my 4runner's rear end. She gave them hell and they got it all done and she rides better than when I bought her. They found the best parts possible and worked through many snags to get her fixed. Thank you guys. I will always highly recommend u guys to ANYONE
Stephani Crasso

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Good place for repairs they diagnose the problem not guess, have good luck with them, will be returning.
Elias Delphia

Great service with knowledgeable and trustworthy mechanics, i would recommend them to anyone.
Eli Van Hoven

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